Funds for the COVID-19 Housing Assistance Program are received in whole or in part from:


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The most commonly asked for forms are here for download.  If you aren't sure which form you need or you have questions about what is here please call or email the office for assistance.  402-734-5448

Change Form -  Use this form to report income changes, tenant changes, or other applicable household adjustments.

Annual Packet - This is duplicate to what is mailed to you.

30 Day Notice - If you are moving you need to provide a move notice to your landlord and give a copy to our office.  You do not need to use this exact form but it should have the same information.

Landlord Reference - The first step in the move process.

Voucher Extension Request - If you need more time to find a new landlord.

Personal Information Release Information - Required if you want us to discuss your information with someone other than you.


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